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The Man Who Loved Women (1983) M4ufree

The Man Who Loved Women (1983) Free Movie

Genre: Comedy Drama Romance

Director: Blake Edwards

Stars: Burt Reynolds Julie Andrews Kim Basinger Marilu Henner

Vote: 5.2

Quality: SD

The Man Who Loved Women (1983) Marianna, a Los Angeles based therapist, tells the story of one of her patients, middle aged David Fowler, a successful sculptor. He originally came to see her due to his sudden impotence in all aspects of his life, including in his art and in his sex life, the latter especially worrisome as he has always adored women in the holistic sense, they in general who adore him right back. David's sessions with Marianna have most often been comprised of he talking about the women in his life, both past and present, those in his early life who included his single mother who had her fair share of suitors and lovers, and a plethora of prostitutes, one to who he lost his virginity and the profession which he has always treated with respect beyond the issues of many women resorting to the business as a last resort to survive. He has moved from one girlfriend/lover to another in his fear that he would miss something special in the women he has not yet met. Those women include but are not limited to: Courtney, local on-air television personality who pampers him with her cooking; Agnes, who may have the best looking legs in the world according to David, but who tells David in return that the legs he saw to which he was initially attracted were not hers; Louise, the wife of a Houston-based client, wealthy Roy Carr, David's sexual encounters with Louise which are characterized by their riskiness and her canny ability to calculate the time required; and David's assistant Nancy, the one woman to who he was attracted but had never slept with due to the vulnerable state she was in when they met. Beyond trying to figure out what has caused David's current issue, Marianna has to admit to herself that she too is not immune to his charms. All of these women realize that they are most-likely temporary fixtures in his life, but love him nonetheless. However, one woman may make him feel true love, enough to want to settle down with her.